It's time to find out once and for all if you are a Grand Junction Valentine Stud - or a Romantic Dud.

Some Guys Have It, Some Guys Don't

When it comes to romance, some guys in Grand Junction just seem to have a knack for doing and saying the right thing at just the right time. There are some men who genuinely try to be romantic but fail miserably. Then there are some that - if they try at all- give a half-hearted effort hoping to fool their lover into thinking they are Mr. Romantic, but she's not buying it.

It's All About Expectations

Valentine's Day is a tricky holiday because the expectations of both parties may not be the same. One might think it's going to be a very special day while their partner may treat it as just another day in the neighborhood. And for some reason, it feels like most of the responsibility of celebrating Valentine's Day falls on the guy. If a guy fails to realize this, he is likely doomed to fail monumentally in the romance department - and end up with a very unhappy partner.

Whether you want to have a special meal out or take one home, Valentine's meal at some point is a must. The other things that come with it like a card, gift, flowers, and candy are negotiable.

To help guys find where they stand on the ole romantic-o-meter (a word I just made up) I have created this short little quiz to find out if you are a Valentine Stud - or a Romantic Dud. Oh, and ladies, go ahead and take the quiz for him, and then let him know how he did.

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