The Salt Lake City Police have fired an officer involved in an arrest of a nurse that was caught on video. According to the department, Detective Jeff Payne violated numerous police policies and dramatically undermined public respect.

This is a result of an incident back on July 26 when nurse Alex Wubbles refused to draw blood from a patient who had been involved in a car accident. According to the hospital to police policy, blood cannot be obtained from a patient without his or her consent, a warrant or if the patient is a suspect in a crime.

None of those criteria were met in this particular case, but Deputy Payne was not having any of it. The video is pretty traumatic to watch.

Here is the original post:

This is actually quite frightening. Nurse Alex Wubbels was handcuffed and physically removed from University Hospital for doing her job. The footage captures her terror and confusion.

Alex Wubbles was simply explaining that she was unable to draw blood from a particular patient due to the laws in place. So, Detective Jeff Payne decided to take matters into his own hands and arrest her.

As you can tell by the footage, Wubbles is clearly on the right side of the law. She even has a copy of the policy in her hand. The hospital policy states:

'blood cannot be drawn from an unconscious patient unless they have been arrested, a warrant for the procedure is granted, or the patient consents.'

None of those conditions were met. Meaning that it would have been illegal for the nurse, or anyone, to draw blood from that patient.

Not sure why or how this situation escalated. The laws are quite simple and stated right there in front of the officer. In writing. How scary is it that you could be arrested for doing your job?

Below is more footage from this incident.

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