If you find yourself serving hard time in the big house, make sure you don't wind up in the smallest jail in America. You'll find it in Haswell, Colorado.

Where this jail is concerned, you may find yourself hoping to spend your time in solitary confinement. It's highly unlikely you could fit two people in this structure. Would you like to take the $.25 cent tour? That's easy, considering the entire jail can fit in a single frame.

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The Big House In the Small Town of Haswell, Colorado

Welcome to Haswell, Colorado, population 71. Established in 1905, or possibly 1908 depending on which source you choose, Haswell can be found in Kiowa County, Colorado. Highway 96 will take you right through the middle of town, as you head from Eads to Ordway. Don't blink the entire town occupies only 514 acres.

According to Wikipedia, Haswell is believed to have the smallest jail in the United States of America. It measures a whopping 12 feet by 14 feet. Depending on what time you visit, it may or may not have a bench in front.

Haswell Colorado Jail 2
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History of the Jail In Haswell, Colorado

Roadside America reports the Haswell Jail was built in 1921 and was used until the 1940s. It can accommodate a maximum of four prisoners at any given time. At 12' X 4', assuming that to be the measurements of the interior of the jail, not the exterior, the jail offers a total of 168 square feet. That breaks down to a cozy 42 square feet per occupant.

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Is It Really The Smallest Jail In America?

That's up for discussion. First of all, it's no longer a functioning jail. So, the answer would be "no." Even Roadside America states the jail's claim of being the "Nation's Smallest Jail" is debatable.

Noteworthy Inmates Who've Served Time at the Haswell Jail

None to speak of. Sorry.

How To Find It

Haswell Colorado Jail map
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You'll find Haswell roughly 130 miles east of Colorado Springs, and roughly 65 shy of the Colorado/Kansas state line. Make your way to 3rd Street in Haswell, right between Sharp Avenue and Main Street. You'll spot it on the south side of the road.

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