In some states, it's legal for underage individuals to drink alcoholic beverages, but there are stipulations. Is Colorado one of the states that allow this? Let's find out.

First, let's preface this to say, we're not encouraging underage alcohol consumption, or taking your youngin' out to get smashed. We're not legal professionals, just some folks that like to entertain you. Read this with a grain of salt -- and maybe a lime.

Yes, Colorado! You can enjoy adult pops with someone under 21. BUT! These are the stipulations.

In Colorado, an underage person can imbibe in these exceptions:

  • on private
    non-alcohol-selling premises, with parental consent
  • for religious purposes
  • for medical purposes
  • for educational purposes
  • when reporting medical need due to underage drinking for another minor

There are detailed descriptions of these exceptions, that, if you choose, you can become familiar with.

There are a few states that allow underage drinking in restaurants, like Wyoming, Texas, and Nevada. Or the six states that allow underage drinking without parental consent, like California, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Oklahoma and South Carolina. That's putting a lot of trust in an adult that's not a parent.

Going back to the fact that we're not legal experts, it might be a good idea to talk to your children about responsible alcohol consumption.

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