Two former Colorado Mesa University basketball players mixed their college education and passion for sports and others to create a new business. Their business plan involves giving 20 percent of their profit back to charity.

Hanna Bowden and Laurel Kasel created Mpowher Apparel. Their goal with Mpowher, stated on the website, is to "inspire and empower women around the world by sharing success stories and positivity, as well as funding and supporting local women focused non-profits with each purchase." They encourage women to share their success stories in hopes that it will inspire others.

During their first month of business, 20 percent of the proceeds will go to Days For Girls, a non-profit organization that helps women in other countries get feminine hygiene products so they don't have to miss school. Their plan is to give 20 percent to local and national charity organizations each month that share their company goals.

They are excited to share their love for fitness with others and hope this gives future female generations more opportunities.