This Sheriff in Twin Lakes, Colorado, is something right out of American lore. You've heard of a Sheriff without a gun. Now, check out an officer of the law that serves while completely "unarmed."

Kudos to the Lake County Sheriff's Department. I've seen this maneuver pulled before. That was in downtown Minneapolis. Flip-flop it any way you want, it works.

At first, it appears the officer in the car has the best poker face the world has ever seen.  After awhile, though, he is impossibly lethargic. Before long, he seems almost..... wooden.

As effective as this stunt probably is, there are a few matters which are dead giveaways. Among them:

  • The ample supply of bird poop on the car (suggesting it has been there awhile)
  • The paint job is shot
  • Upon closer inspection, this officer looks like he needs a booster seat

Okay, so in this case, the ruse failed. For every one time it failed, it probably worked a thousand. Bravo, Twin Lakes Sheriff's Department.

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