We found this astounding video of two women trying to get off a train bridge before the train reaches them, unfortunately they're not even close! The crazy thing is they survived, find out how.

The whole time I was watching this I was yelling at them to RUN!

I can only imagine what's going through the train conductors mind as he approaches them.

It has to be terrifying for both parties, the conductor can't  do anything to help, and the people on the tracks, not being able to run fast enough!

Thank God they were both okay.

This reminded me of the scene in "Stand By Me" where they get caught on the bridge and just missed getting hit by the train.

Why didn't they jump? Apparently they were 80 feet above a creek, too far down and too shallow!

But at the last minute, with the train only 30 feet away, it looks like one falls and the other tries to help her up, but in reality they laid down and it saved their lives!

Now the Indiana Rail Road Company is releasing it to warn people about trespassing.

Take a listen to what Eric Powell from the Indiana Railroad told NBC about it.

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