I posted a Facebook question asking what the best Mexican restaurants in the Grand Junction area, and here are the results:

1. Fiesta Guadalajara

Coming in at number one is Fiesta Guadalajara. While I drive past Fiesta Guadalajara every day, I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've never been there. However, patrons love the restaurant so much that Fiesta Guadalajara has built up a loyal fanbase, and is a favorite spot for birthday parties.

2. Dos Hombres

While Dos Hombres is technically in Clifton, they received almost more votes than any other restaurant on the post. Dos Hombres boasts a Mexican food menu with a Southwest twist, and are known for their excellent Chili Con Carne and Margaritas.

3. Leon's Mexican Restaurant

Leon's was another favorite in Grand Junction. Not only is Leon's known for its great Mexican food, but they also have mariachi entertainment and military specials.

4. Las Marias

Located at 7th and Main in the heart of Grand Junction, Las Marias is another local favorite. Known for their authentic Mexican food and extensive tequila bar, Las Marias is a must-try for Mexican food lovers.

5. Aztecas Family Mexican Restaurant

Another favorite is Grand Junction's Aztecas Family Mexican Restaurant. With two locations in Grand Junction, Aztecas is known for things like carne asada night and their magnificent margaritas.

6. Mi Mexico

Another popular spot for Mexican food in Grand Junction is Mi Mexico. Brittany called it, "the best, hands down." She also mentioned that she loves their "mushroom salsa, homemade tortillas, and amazing service."

7. Tequila's 

Also located off of North Avenue here in Grand Junction is the oft raved about Tequila's. The fact that Thom said that he goes "NOWHERE ELSE for authentic Mexican" really says something about Tequila's reputation.

8. Los Jilberto's

Affectionately known as "Los J's" by the locals, Los Jilberto's is touted as the best Mexican food restaurant to visit on a hangover.

9. El Tapatio

This might be my personal favorite. While El Tapatio didn't receive the majority of the votes, they have great food and are conveniently located near Stocker Stadium.

10. La Cabra Cantina

Finally, rounding out the top ten is the new kid on the block, La Cabra Cantina. While it wasn't mentioned by name, Jess's favorite Mexican restaurant is "The new one that took over Dos Hombres in the Redlands," noting that they have a "great spicy cucumber margarita."