In 2011, Kip Moore introduced himself to country music fans with "Mary Was the Marrying Kind," the debut single from his freshman album, Up All Night. Moore may not have received as many awards and accolades as some of his peers -- at least not yet -- but it's certainly not due to his inability to write a song.

Moore co-wrote every song on his debut disc and his sophomore album, 2015's Wild Ones, and the singer has proven over and over and again that he puts thought into the craft of songwriting. The following are The Boot's picks for Moore's five best tunes.

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    "I'm to Blame"

    From 'Wild Ones' (2015)

    The lyrics to "I'm to Blame" -- "If it ain’t broke, you can bet that I’m gonna break it / If there’s a wrong road, I’m damn sure gonna take it / Where there’s smoke, my pocket lighter sparked the fire / Where there’s blue lights, just read me my rights" -- are a surprisingly honest confession from Moore, who wrote the song with Justin Weaver and Weston Davis.

    "Today in such a politically correct society, we really wanted to write a song about not apologizing about who we are and not-scared-to-speak-our-mind kind of people, and we wanted to write a song around that whole kind of thing,” Moore explains. “And that’s what it is -- it’s a very aggressive, intense, no-apologies kind of song about the kind of person you are, and it’s not about being rude. You’re owning who you are as an individual, and that’s what the song is.”

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    "Hey Pretty Girl"

    From 'Up All Night' (2012)

    "Hey Pretty Girl," which Moore wrote with Dan Couch, chronicles a love story from first meeting until final farewell, at the end of the narrator's life: "Hey pretty girl, let's build some dreams / And a house on a piece of land / We'll plant some roots and some apple trees / Hey pretty girl, let's build some dreams." The tune came about after Moore realized that, eventually, he might want to settle down and have a family of his own.

    "You want to go through life with somebody at some point and have somebody to lean on," Moore tells the Huffington Post. "That’s what I was thinking the day I wrote "Hey Pretty Girl." It’s one of those things for me that’s more of an idealistic standpoint — that one day, this is how I hope to feel about somebody, and this is the way I like to go through life with somebody."

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    "Running for You"

    From 'Wild Ones' (2015)

    "Running for You" is a love song and a farewell song. Along with Troy Verges and Blair Daly, Moore wrote the track's lines -- "But if the rain starts falling, falling on you / And your heart starts breaking, breaking in two / If the light starts fading, baby, don't move / Just say my name, stay right there / I'll come running for you" -- as a way to redefine love.

    “It embodies what the word ‘love’ should really mean,” Moore tells The Boot. “I think, growing up, we use that word carelessly and recklessly: You want to put those people in a box that you think you love. You want to keep a level playing field because that makes you feel secure in yourself. I think that if you love somebody, you want to see them have the moon, you want to see them have the world and have every dream they wanted, even if it’s not with you.”

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    "Beer Money"

    From 'Up All Night' (2012)

    Moore also wrote "Beer Money" with Daly and Verges, inspired by their discussions in their first writing session after a Christmas break. Lines such as "I got enough to last us all night / You got the kiss that tastes like honey / And I got a little beer money" are reminiscent of Moore's life while growing up in the rural town of Tifton, Ga.

    “It’s a signature thing for small-town America,” he says, “and what I think small-town America is, and people working the 9-to-5 jobs … saving just enough to kind of escape from those jobs for the weekend. They’ve got to have their "Beer Money" to do it. And you want to go out and blow it out and have a good time.”

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    "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck"

    From 'Up All Night' (2012)

    "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" was Moore's second single, and it shot straight to No. 1. Written with Couch, the song's lyrics -- "And there's somethin' 'bout a kiss that's gonna lead to more / On that dropped tailgate back behind the corn / The most natural thing you've ever felt before / There's somethin' 'bout a kiss that's gonna lead to more" -- were inspired by Moore's own life.

    "I drove a little box car in high school and college," Moore tells Taste of Country. "In both high school and college, similar things happened to me where, I was maybe pursuing somebody, I got somebody to go out with me, and they didn’t seem real interested every time they climbed in that little bucket car of mine ... On two different occasions, that thing broke down, and somebody let me use their truck. It was like I became a whole new person. I couldn’t peel [girls] off of me. I was like, ‘Wait a minute … I’m the same damn dude, I’m just driving a different ride. There must be something about a truck!'"