'Top Gun 2' was once a high priority at Paramount with Tom Cruise and director Tony Scott all set to return - some 25 years later - to classic 80s hit. A script was written and the studio head even said he expected that 'Top Gun 2' would happen before 'Mission: Impossible 5' but now that plans look to have come screeching to a halt and 'Top Gun 2' is grounded for good.

The New York Times reports that 'Top Gun 2' has "fallen apart" at Paramount following the tragic suicide of Tony Scott earlier this year. Scott and Cruise were well into pre-production and had toured some locations just days before the former's death. But without Scott to push the project forward, 'Top Gun 2' has stalled and Cruise has moved on to developing other projects (most likely, 'Mission: Impossible 5').

Instead Paramount is looking on re-releasing the original 1986 film in IMAX 3D next February. The film was converted earlier this year and was expected to whet appetites for a sequel. How much of a promotional push the film will get remains to be seen as the studio wants to remain sensitive to Scott's family. (No definite details on why the director committed suicide have been released.)

'Top Gun 2' was always a curious case for a sequel and it would've been interesting to see how Cruise and Scott would've pulled it off, but with the film now shelved, we doubt much of a fuss will be turned up amongst film fans.

Cruise can be seen this December in 'Jack Reacher' and next year in the sci-fi thriller 'Oblivion.'

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