Wednesday is Public Sleeping Day. Basically, it's just like it sounds, a day where you sleep in a public place. Where are the best public places in Grand Junction from which to snooze?

Apparently, Whitman Park at 4th and Ute is a good place. The lawn between the City Market on Rood and Two Rivers Convention Centers seems to be a popular choice, too.

When it's nap time, darn it, it's nap time. Where are the best places to crash in Grand Junction?

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    Whitman Park

    4th and Ute

    This seems to be the hot spot in Grand Junction. There are plenty of shade trees to choose from. This is, however, a busy part of town. Between 4th Street, 5th Street, Ute and Pitkin, it's hard to imagine a noisier part of town.

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    Grand Valley Transit bus

    Anywhere you want to go

    Let someone else drive while you kick back and relax on a Grand Junction Transit bus. You, the weary passenger, can snooze away while someone else does the driving. Do you think it might be too crowded?

    I traveled with a Country band for two years in a GMC van. Trust me, if you can sleep in a van with five other band creeps, you can certainly get a decent sleep on a public bus.

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    South Lawn at Houston Hall at CMU

    1100 block of North Avenue

    What is it about the lawn just south of Houston Hall at CMU that makes it so popular? You can drive down North Avenue in the middle of January and see students sleeping on the lawn. Most use their backpacks as a pillow. Certainly, there are quieter places on campus to catch a few Z's.

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    The Gym

    I'm guilty of this one. The other night I was resting between sets on the ab crunch bench, and guess what happened? Snooze-a-Palooza. That's right. Fell asleep right there on the crunch bench. Grand Junction is home to several 24-hour gyms. If you're into the old 1:30 a.m. workout, the gyms a great place to crash.

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    Main Street

    Between 5th and 7th

    It's not uncommon to see someone sleeping on Main Street. Most of the time it's someone on a park bench. Let me tell you, this isn't all it's cracked up to be. Years ago we used to participate in a food drive where we camped out in the Grand Junction Rimrock Walmart parking lot. One year I thought I would be smart and sleep on a park bench. One problem - being on the bench allows cold air to come up from underneath you. This makes things even worse.

    Park bench in summer = YES.

    Park bench in winter = NO.

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    Eagle Rim Park

    I've crashed here a time or two myself. The lawn to the east sees very little traffic. Word to the wise - the sprinklers can come on at any moment.