Does Grand Junction hold claim to any of these World Records?

You have to admit, most of these are quite ridiculous, but wouldn't it be cool to be a part of an official world record? Maybe Grand Junction can come together and take one of these records and make it our own?

From, the state of Colorado actually holds 16 World Records, but time's sake, let's focus on the craziest 5 there are.

The Fastest Time to Balance a Dozen Eggs - yes, a real category. The current record is one minute and 6.45 seconds. Anyone, want to try and crack that one?

The Highest Ten Pin Bowling Score Between the Legs - Believe it or not, it was set at 280 in Eagle, Colo.

The Longest Ears on a Dog - I can let this one slide. It almost sounds like a legit thing. 12.25 inches right side. 13.5 inches left side.

Largest Painting Made By Footprints - Basalt owns this one at 21,572 square feet. Feet, literally!

Most People Drawing on an Etch-A-Sketch - This is only 372 people. We could take this one down.

Makes you wonder what other kinds of crazy, outrageous records are out there for the taking? Here's the Guinness Book of World Record's website if you want to check it out.


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