Country star Chris Janson will make his way to Country Jam 2019 this Sunday evening, and it is imperative you attend. You'll catch a stellar show from a world-class entertainer. Here are five reasons why you simply must see this show.

Chris Janson will take the stage at Country Jam Sunday, June 16, at 6:30. That stage is all his for the next hour and fifteen minutes.

Janson has been hitting it hard on the charts since late 2015 with hits like Buy Me a Boat and Power of Positive Drinking. Both tunes represent a perfect blend of raw country, killer hooks, great instrumentation, and solid production, all wrapped up in fresh, modern country hits.

While the name Chris Janson might strike you as new, the reality is he’s been lurking around your country radio for some time. Janson is the writing talent behind Tim McGraw’s highest debuting single, “Truck Yeah.”

In addition to writing credits for some of your favorite stars, Janson has performed at country’s iconic venue, the Grand Ole Opry, well over 100 times. When I spoke to him at Country Jam a few years ago, he had just played the Opry for the 104th time.

While Janson is perceived as being a new kid on the block, the reality is, this young entertainer has some awesome, time-tested tricks up his sleeve. He’s using killer gear, equipped with the vintage components which give country music its distinctive flavor. He’s even paying homage to the legends by mimicking a few tricks country players used to incorporate to obtain their distinctive sounds.

All that having been said, here are five reasons why you dare not miss Chris Janson at Country Jam 2019:

  • This dude is country – not “country-ish” or “contemporary with a touch of country.” We’re talking pure country.
  • This is a true country gentleman – he knows how to say “Yes, sir,” and “Thank you.”
  • He has a bag of tricks that would make Waylon Jennings, Jerry Reed, and Johnny Cash stand up and take notice.
  • Not only does this artist write and perform his own tunes, but he also produces his own tracks.
  • Janson wakes up in the morning, pours a cup of coffee (assuming he drinks coffee), and then writes tunes. He doesn’t wait for inspiration. He writes tunes, period, all the time. Not since Dolly Parton has there been an artist that lives and breathes music like Chris Janson (in my opinion).

There you have it, the top five reasons why you should catch Chris Janson in concert this Sunday evening at Country Jam 2019. If you missed out on his performance at Country Jam a few years ago, or at Las Colonias last fall, then you failed to witness a young talent on his meteoric rise to fame. Get familiar with this artist right away. You’ll be glad you did.

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