BlackHawk is making their way back to Grand Junction this September. This is the best news to hit western Colorado in ages. These are the top five reasons why you dare not miss this show.
BlackHawk has been a good friend of ours for ages. They've played Grand Junction many times, including the Avalon Theatre and Country Jam. Coming up Saturday, September 8, they'll perform at Pork and Hops at Las Colonias Amphitheatre.
When the second weekend of September rolls around you'll no doubt find a number of things to do. Why spend the day listening to a concert? There are several reasons why catching BlackHawk should be priority #1.
BlackHawk, founded in 1992, signed to Arista in 1993. By 1994 they broke onto the Hot Country Songs charts with "Goodbye Says It All." The band's next four singles all broke the top 10.
In 1994, the band played Grand Junction's historic Avalon Theatre. Opening act for the show was the Grand Junction-based band Shot Gun.
Waylon Jordan
Back in 1994, the lineup of the bad included Henry Paul, Dave Robbins, and Van Stephenson. Sadly, Van Stephenson had to exit the band due to health concerns, and has since passed away.
Henry Paul and Dave Robbins are still with the group, with the third spot filled by Randy Threet.
So, why should you catch this show? Here are my top five reasons:
  • Henry Paul is the coolest guy ever... and Dave Robbins is no slouch, either.
  • This band is the real deal... unbelievably tight harmonies, monster players, and they write their own material.
  • This is a live band, not just a studio band (even though they excel in the studio, too).
  • They know how to treat their fans right.
  • They're fun to hang around with.
Dakota Rae McKinnon
Do not miss BlackHawk when they come to Pork & Hops on September 8. If you've seen them before, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you've never seen the band live before, then you're really in for a treat.