We've narrowed it down from the top 20 to the top 10 best hairstylists. Vote for Grand Junction's best hairstylist so we can find out who's the best around.

The fate of your future lies in this person's hands -- your hairstylist. We're looking for the best hairstylist in Grand Junction and it's up to you to crown the winner.

There's so much talent in Grand Junction when it comes to hair. We asked you who's the best hairstylist around, then you narrowed it down to the top twenty and now we have the top ten.

These are the top ten hairstylists in Grand Junction and we're cutting off a few inches and narrowing it down even more.

Vote for the best hairstylist in Grand Junction below. Voting ends at midnight on Monday, May 27.

If you see your hairstylist on the list, be sure to let her know. I appreciate, well everyone appreciates a great haircut from a great hairstylist.

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