Darn it! I was going to buy that house. Well, dang it, Tom Cruise's secluded 320-acre Telluride estate is no longer on the market.

According to Yahoo!, Cruise collected his full asking price of $39.5 million. You may recall a previous post where we informed you the estate had been on the market before but at a price $20 million higher. It went back on the market in March 2021 at a reduced price. Well, that price reduction managed to do the trick.

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What Did the Buyer Get for Their $39.5 Million?

The home features:

  • nearly 10,000 square foot main house
  • 3-car garage
  • 2 fireplaces
  • 320 acres
  • guest house
  • spa
  • sports court

Check Out the Official Listing

The listing at Realtor.com states:

Luxury meets legend at this 320-acre Telluride ranch, custom built for privacy, where unspoiled natural beauty, sweeping mountain vistas and outdoor recreation abound.

The New Buyer Will Enjoy More For Less

Originally, Cruise shopped the home back in 2014 for $59 million. According to Yahoo, Cruise has added land to the estate since the original listing back in 2014. Seven years ago the listing quoted 298 acres of land. The new listing states 320 acres.

Let's See What They'll Get

Tom Cruise Cuts $20-Million Off Telluride Mansion

How much would you pay to own Tom Cruise' ranch in Telluride, Colorado? Don't answer now. For a limited time, you can get this little beauty for $20,000,000 off the regular low, low price.

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