After reading about those cars buried in that Avalanche that hit State Highway 91 by milepost 21, near Copper Mountain. They were buried in about 15 feet of snow I thought how would you survive that? You would not know which side was up or down or where you were.  Luckily the people inside the cars were rescued, though the cars are still trapped.

If you are snowshoeing or skiing here are some tips to help you. 

Carry an Avalanche Beacon.

The center of an avalanche is where the snow moves the fastest, making it the most dangerous place for you to be.

Once you’ve found yourself being dragged down a mountain by an avalanche you should tap your surfing skills to avoid being buried deep. Try to stay afloat and keep your head in the open air by swimming as hard as you can in the direction of the fast-moving snow.

When buried in snow, asphyxiation is your biggest worry. Cupping your mouth when you are being thrown around by the snow will create a small pocket of air for you to survive on for up to 30 minutes.