Here's a camping experience that is out of this world! But, is actually here in Colorado. 

This is the Colorado town of Hooper. A definite must-visit place for all of us UFO junkies. It only hosts a population of around 100 residents and is literally a tiny speck on the map at .27 square miles. But, what it offers is absolutely beyond the stars.

It is called the UFO Watchtower. The only one of its kind. An elevated observation deck with a 360-degree view of the stars and beyond. Plus, it offers no light pollution. Almost the perfect spot for alien gazing.

The UFO Watchtower is located 2-1/2 miles north of the town of Hooper on Highway 17 in the scenic San Luis Valley right by the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Open year round and offers camping for you and your family. Admission is $2 per person or $5 a carload.

If that isn't enough, make plans to attend the annual Cosmic Highway Conference.


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