There is no Halloween like a Colorado Halloween.

When I was a kid, I lived in New York and, honestly, Halloween was no big deal. October was something we waited through to get to the good stuff. Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We still went out to trick or treat, but houses weren't decorated, and the people in my hometown sure weren't the type to dress up for it at work.

In Colorado, though, we have all kinds of Halloween "spirit". Let's go find where they're hiding.

Always the first place I look to find that perfect costume. Whatever you want to be, even as a big kid, you will most likely find here. Don't wait too long, though. All the good ones will be gone. ANd you don't want to go as a dog. Again.

A Halloween store on North Avenue. Decorations, animatronics, and all kinds of costumes are what you will find. So you can decorate you AND your haunted dwelling.

For those with a short budget but big ideas, stop in here. You may be surprised at what you find. Decorations, costumes, candy and more.

For the creative person there is always the make it yourself route,l and no better place to do that than right here. You get to pick what it looks like because you can sew like the wind! Get ultra creative and see if you can make something everyone else wants for their costume!

Really? A pet store?

Yes. If you have pets, you're going to want to get them involved too, not to mention extra treats for those trick or treaters who bring their pets. Don't leave your best buddies out of all of the fun!

Just a few suggestions to kick-start your Halloween spirit!




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