"Tick explosion" seems to be the phrase most used here...

I tend to shutter when I hear the word "tick." These little crawly, blood-suckers are no friend of mine. We protect our pets from these pests, but we also need to take care of ourselves as well. Ticks don't discriminate when it comes to finding a home.

Pest World is predicting a very heavy tick season across the nation.

The culprit is a mild winter combined with a lack of acorns. I'm not sure what acorns have to do with ticks, but the fact remains that they didn't hold up their end of the bargain in this quest to ward off ticks. We see most ticks between April and October so I would start taking precautions. The best ways to protect yourself is to wear light clothing (so you can see them on the fabric), wear clothing that covers your skin, and use a bug spray with DEET in it. Also, enlist the help of another person to help check you for ticks after spending time outside.

Ticks carry nasty germs like Lyme disease.

Experts also warn that this influx of ticks will be nationwide. Residents in rural and urban areas are both at risk. Apparently, ticks have a way of traveling by attaching themselves to other critters, like birds and squirrels.

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