Bullies on the playground are the least of your worries! Two weeks ago we reported that fish hooks had been found in a box of candy left at a park, this week it's thumb tacks!

What the heck is wrong with some people that they would do this?!

I'll be honest it's making me worried about taking my son to the parks here in Grand Junction.

I found this post on my Facebook page yesterday from a local mom whose husband was at Lincoln Park with their children when he found thumb tacks scattered in and around the park!

The City of Grand Junction released a statement yesterday saying,

These incidents, coupled with a disturbing national trend of these types of situations, have prompted City of Grand Junction officials to further increase safety “sweeps” in parks and to encourage park users to be extra vigilant. Police have been notified of both incidents.

Authorities ask that if you find a dangerous item to warn those present to stay away, leave it, and call police.

All I can do is pray that the culprit comes to justice!

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