Three new bald eagle nests will be installed on Friday at Barr Lake State Park in Brighton, Colorado. These metal-clad nests will be used by the bald eagles to create their own home atop cottonwood trees.

Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The manmade nests are being installed after one cottonwood tree housing a bald eagle nest fell last April during a windstorm. The falling tree destroyed the nest and two eggs. Colorado Parks and Wildlife state these bald eagle nests are seven to eight feet across and perched high above the ground.

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Bald eagles prefer to make their nests on dead limbs near water as it provides unobstructed views. One of these manmade nests will be very close to the same location as the nest that fell in April.

The first bald eagle nest basket was installed at Barr Lake in 1986. This basket is one of the three that will be installed at Barr Lake on Friday. Colorado Parks and Wildlife say that it could be several years before bald eagles could use any of the three newly installed nest baskets. The reasoning is that bald eagles will defend their territory from other breeding bald eagles.

Bald eagles have been known to use a nest for more than two decades if the area is adequate and the structure where the nest is located remains stable. Colorado Parks and Wildlife say that the Barr Lake bald eagles have fledged 59 young eagles as of 2021.

FI you would like to learn more about the bald eagles at Barr Lake, you can find out more HERE.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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