Thomas Rhett loves his kids, and he graciously shares photos of them on social media. The "Be a Light" singer's Instagram feed isn't just a highlights gallery, however — he catches plenty of less-than-glamorous parenting moments, too. TR definitely keeps it real.

Baby Lennon Love joined older sisters Ada James and Willa Gray in 2020, giving Rhett three daughters at home. Wife Lauren Akins is equally willing to share pictures and videos from their day-to-day lives on her own Instagram page, but — as mothers often do — she focuses on the good times. If you wanna see a baby puke all over everyone, you need to check out @thomasrhettakins.

The mess, the noise, the creativity and the tantrums ... he shares it all. Without a doubt there are some adorable wins: Simple videos of his youngest daughter smiling put the "aww" in awesome, so we included two favorites to round out this collection of great captures.

Laugh out loud, then let us know which of these pictures hit a little too close to home on Twitter.

Pedi-pals for Life!

Rhett's daughter Ada James recently broke out the nail polish and dabbed up dad's toes. You know, all things considered, she did a good job! During the coronavirus quarantine you take what you can get.

Tidal Tantrum

Anyone with kids knows that it doesn't matter how much money you spent on a trip to the beach, when baby says it's time to go, it is time to go.


A big house means more room for kids to run laps around the kitchen while you're trying to have an adult conversation. Can we consider this exercise?

Grumpy Monkey

Mornings are just plain hard, but kudos to mom and dad for waking up before Ada James on her birthday.

You Know How This Is Going to End

TR: "It's definitely gonna fall." 
Lauren: "Ya think?"

This Is Why Burp Cloths Were Invented

But can we talk about those adorable little arms?!

Give Me a Kiss, Papa! 

The second video shows what happens when your daughters get ahold of your wife's lipstick before they've had a proper tutorial.

This Is Why Telluride Shirts Were Invented

Baby Lennon missed the cloth and spoiled Lauren's stylish shirt.

And Now, the Eyes ...

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with this picture. Great job, girl!

Perfect Daddy-Daughter Moments

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