There is an excellent trail on the Lunch Loop system which isn't getting the love it so very much deserves. It's an excellent hike, not too far out of town, and offers tons of scenic beauty. The next time you hike, why not show this trail a little attention.

Eagle's Wing can be accessed from Little Park Road or from Monument Road. It connects to a number of other outstanding paths and ultimately meets where several trails converge southeast of the Lunch Loop parking area.

Eagle's Wing offers a wide variety of terrain and just the right amount of climbs. It is mildly challenging, and as a result, not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. Colorado West Outdoors rated Eagle's Wing at a "moderate" level of difficulty, with an overall rating of three out of five stars (boo, it deserves better than that).

The last photo in the gallery above shows the most challenging portion of this trail. As you can see, there is quite a bit of pitch to the trail at this point, but the footing is excellent. With the exception of inclement weather, this portion is still easy to hike.

It seems as though this trail doesn't get quite as much use as other nearby paths. Granted, if you approach it from the Tabeguache side on Little Park Road, it can easily be missed.

Last Sunday (Feb 26) I hiked this trail and never encountered another human being. While that is sometimes a plus, I still hate to see this incredible trail underutilized.

Eagles Wing is only minutes away from downtown Grand Junction. The trail is accessible to just about anyone. The next chance you get, make plans to enjoy this incredible hike.

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