Purgatory Mountain near Durango is now home to western Colorado's newest mountain coaster.

The coaster, dubbed the Inferno, has 4,000 feet of track and a 300-foot vertical drop. This baby will get your heart racing with 9 switchbacks and a 360-loop. Feel the rush of zipping down the mountain at over 25 MPH! Hopefully, you don't have a fear of heights. Some sections of the track are 40 feet off the ground.

The new Inferno Mountain Coaster is an absolute blast to ride,” reports Elizabeth Howe, Purgatory Resort's general manager. “This thrilling new ride zips you through aspen trees with twists and turns, revealing incredible views of the San Juan Mountains.”

The Inferno can ride 2 at a time. Shortly after ascending to the top gravity kicks in and pulls the cart down the mountain. The handbrake on each cart helps riders regulate the speed. Motorized pullies propel the carts up the inclined portions of the track.

A ride will cost you $20. The coaster will be open through the remainder of the season as long as the weather permits.

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