We are told that we need to remain at least 6 feet apart to be safer during this pandemic. In Wyoming, one of those social distancing options is this sweet mountain coaster.

I don't want to assume that you are aware of and/or have been on the Cowboy Coaster. It's one of the highlights of the Snow King Resort near Jackson. This video was shared by a family going through Wyoming a few weeks ago.

This video was also shared recently showing a bit more of the downhill experience.

I bring up this coaster option since most summer events have been booted thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. If you're up for a road trip, a day of playing on a coaster would not be your worst option.

I checked the Snow King Cowboy Coaster website and they do have health guidelines, but the summer season for Cowboy Coaster is open. Just be sure to bring your wallet if you do as it's not free. It's $20 for the driver and $10 for passengers for a trip down the mountain. If it were me (and it's not), I would opt in for the all-day pass which is also pricey, but allows you to make multiple trips on the Cowboy Coaster without paying as you go. That goes for $125 per person and $50 for kids.

I have always been a roller coaster fan. Add Wyoming mountains as a backdrop and that's quite a bonus and a safe social distancing option for a day trip.

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