Have you heard of "puffing"? We're not supposed to do this in Colorado, and there's a reason why. As a matter of fact, it's already happened this season.

In this case, "puffing" doesn't mean what it usually means in Colorado. We're talking about leaving your car running unattended.

Well, guess what? Earlier today, (November 13) right here in  Colorado, a car was stolen while "puffing." Fortunately, it wasn't in Grand Junction. Nevertheless, one car-owner in Colorado Springs is now on foot.

A coworker asked Grand Junction's Public Information Officer, Heidi Davidson if puffing was illegal in Grand Junction. Officer Davidson replied:

Puffing is illegal, with some exception made last year for vehicles with a remote start system.  It's a class B traffic infraction, involving a ticket being written and fine.

There does exist an effective means of theft control. Buy a car with a standard transmission. In this day and age, most would-be-thieves won't know how to drive a stick and will be left crippled in the attempt to steal your car.

Let's face it, leaving your car running unattended is risky. It's not uncommon for thieves to steal packages right off your doorstep. Some will survey the boxes in your garbage can to gain info as to what kind of merchandise you've purchased recently. An unattended car with its engine running is like candy to a baby.

I recently purchased a car with a remote starter. To date, I have yet to even try it out. For that matter, I haven't figured out how to work the GPS, adjust the seat, or how to shut off the annoying auto-engine-stop feature. Figuring out how to start the car remotely is way down on the list.

Keep an eye on your car. Don't find yourself in the same situation as the poor individual in Colorado Springs.

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