The children are back in school and moms and dads everywhere get to enjoy a few hours of peace every day. How do you like to spend it?

Eating Alone

While this sounds kind of sad, consider how seldom this actually happens. Making yourself a nice, quiet lunch and enjoying it is one of those few times in the day you can just relax and enjoy your meal. If you really like having people around you when you eat, though, why not go to the Mesa Mall and get your lunch at the food court?

Not Watch Cartoons

Admit it, all summer you have watched the same tired cartoons with your kids just because you're awesome like that. You have paid the price, and now you have control! Laugh maniacally as you channel surf, knowing no one is there to say "Wait, what was that"? Or maybe catch a movie while they're busy learning.

Easy hikes are plentiful in the Grand Junction area. Try the Riverfront Trail and check out the different species of birds you will see! Other trails, like Devil's Kitchen and Canyon Rim and Window Rock are pretty easy and don't take a lot of time or effort.

Even if you're just window shopping, you can spend a few hours getting some exercise as well as checking out the new shops downtown you may have missed. Window shopping is a calorie burner, in case you didn't know.

Take A Nap

Without interruption. You can nap all afternoon if you want to. You can sleep thinking if there was an Olympic event for napping you would have more gold than Michael Phelps. Just don't forget to set your alarm so you don't forget to get the kids from school.

As another school day comes to a close, you can smile, knowing tomorrow you get to do it all again.

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