We asked you to tell us what drives you crazy about driving in Grand Junction and you responded. Boy did you ever!

From lack of turn signals to texting or browsing on the phone, changing lanes without a signal and left lane campers. There are plenty of things happening on the road we wish would just stop. But since they won't, here's what you had to say!

We hear you on that one. Half the time you don't know where someone is going to turn.

If you have ever driven Patterson Road in the morning, you know the pain.

You gotta remember you're not the only one on the road!

Oh, you want to pull in front of me? It's ON now!

Can we all agree this is just stupid?

The bottom line is we all have our own way to drive, it's just that some of us are far better at it than others. So, at least try to drive with some sense!

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