It's that time of year where the fruit is ripe, and vegetables are ready to be picked. There is nothing like farm fresh to your table. More and more people are eating healthier and want to know where their food is coming from. There are many great you pick farms in  Grand Junction and the surrounding area some of the best fruit and vegetables are grown right here. Here is a list of some great U Pick Farms if you know of any more please add to the list.

Fruit Basket Orchards 253 32 1/2 Grand Junction, Co

They have a great selection of natural food products like dried fruit and jams.

Green Acres U-Pick 3601 G Rd, Palisade, CO 81526

Herbicide-free they have seven varieties of strawberries, five types of raspberries, blackberries, and boysenberries. Asparagus. Tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, 1eggplant, pumpkins, winter squash, Hopi Blue corn, Bloody Butcher corn, watermelons.

Reddig Farms 265 32 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81503

Lots of Pumpkins for carving

Peachfork Orchards & Vineyards 281 33 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81503

Peaches, Apples, Grapes and even Wine

Rooted Gypsy Farms 2591 G Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81505

They deliver right to your doorstep the freshest and highest quality of meats, eggs and produce. Plus a recipe

Aloha Organic Fruit 3525 G Rd, Palisade, CO 81526

Yummy delicious peaches

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