As the youngest of five kids often times my parents had to get creative on what to feed our family with a limited budget. This made it so my parents got very creative sometimes as far as what was for dinner. It seems like most families got creative as far as what to serve for dinner. That's why I posted this question online, What meal did your family serve you when you were a kid, that you absolutely hated, and you've never eaten since you've grown up?

Some of the responses were hilarious and many of them were things that I almost forgot about. There were some answers that we just expect to be one the list such a liver and onions and that was the number one response from everyone.

But there were some items mentioned that people hated that I still really enjoy as an adult. It was also really funny trying to attempt to get pictures for all of the food items mentioned because many of the items aren't cooked very often anymore because they weren't a very popular option.

Whether you're looking for a dinner idea for tonight or you just want a trip down memory lane from your childhood, here are the foods that we hated as kids and will never eat again.

Foods We Hated As Kids

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