In celebration of the back-to-school season, we're taking a look at Colorado's most expensive colleges and universities — and what they cost in 2021.

Based on average tuition and fees from the most-recent academic year, College Tuition Compare ranked the top ten most expensive schools in the state of Colorado. And while most are private institutions, a couple of public schools did make it into the top five (you can probably guess which public school in Boulder made the cut).

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Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University, which didn't land in the top five, but it was close. Based on College Tuition Compare, it's the seventh most expensive university in the state.

Admittedly, CSU is not the most competitive school to get into, with an 80 percent acceptance rate and student body of 33,000, but right now, the tuition is still sky-high. For an in-state student, it is still close to $12,000 per year, and $30,000 for out-of-state students. On average, Ram's salary ten years after graduation is around $50,, um. Yeah. The University of Northern Colorado didn't land in the top ten schools with the biggest price tag, so go Bears.

Some goodish news? WalletHub recently ranked Colorado as one of the states with the lowest student debt, coming in at number nine. However, that's probably more true if you don't choose to go to one of the schools in the gallery below.

You can see the full list from College Tuition Compare here.

Colorado's 5 Most-Expensive Universities in 2021

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