It would be so much fun to go exploring the ghost towns of Colorado, according to Wikipedia Colorado had over 1,500 ghost towns but currently, only 640 remain.


Independence, Co 

You know what they say if these walls could talk. In 1880, Independence Co was booming boasting 300 people. This town was growing, with four grocery stores, four boarding houses, and three saloons. The town found its population grew to around 500 by 1881 and between 1881 and 1882; they mined $190,000 worth of gold. However, that was short-lived by 1883 it dropped to about $2000. One winter was so bad that apparently 75 men took wood from their houses and made skies and escaped to Aspen.

Can you imagine this town in it is heyday they had four grocery stores, and all for just 500 people? It must have been bustling with three saloons. Imagine after a hard days work the men would go into the saloon and talk about the gold they found and their dreams of prosperity.

I would love to go and explore this area you never know what one could find maybe some gold.

 Gold Mine San Juan Mountains, Co


Gold was discovered on the slopes of the San Juan Mountains in 1861. Thousands of miners came to stake their claim. For over 20 years mining boomed.

To this day recreational gold miners head to the mountain to pan for gold or search the hillsides.

I think we should take an expedition back up the mountainside and look for gold whos with me.