With the New Year, rings in new laws in Colorado. You probably should know these.

There are some new Colorado laws in effect for 2018. Let's take a look at them:

  • If you leave the scene of an accident, where there are injuries, the DMV now has the power to suspend your driver's license.
  • Teens/Sexting - teens who send sexual messages may not necessarily face a felony or wind up on the sex offense registry. Those who send a nude pic may face a minor civil infraction. If a teen shares a nude pic of another without permission, that could be considered a misdemeanor.
  • Doctors and hospitals will now have to show a 'menu' of services along with the prices for those services. It is rooted in the 'Transparency in Health Care Prices Act.' 
  • All households (not individual persons) will be limited to 12 maximum marijuana plants. Plants must be locked away in a space not accessible by minors.
  • The Colorado minimum wage increases from  $9.30 an hour to $10.20. Tipped employees will now get $7.18 an hour.

Sorry to start the new year with homework, but you everyone should be aware of these new changes. Happy New Year!

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