Much as we love 'The Walking Dead' and the brutal finish that capped off the first half of season 4, we have to admit a bit of disappointment with the most recent trailers for the AMC horror drama's 2014 return. Thankfully, the latest 4-minute preview for the back half of season 4 has loads of new footage, and insight from the cast and crew into what might be the darkest and deepest episodes yet!

Given how splintered all the survivors became by the Governor's final assault on the prison, season 4's February 9 premiere "After" will see many different groups on their own, and we'll take a bit of time to catch up with each. The latest AMC preview for 'The Walking Dead's latest offers up plenty of new footage from surviving groups like Daryl and Beth, Tyreese and siblings Lizzie and Mieke, but perhaps most tellingly of all, Rick, Carl and Michonne.

"It's moving the show into a much deeper, and darker, and grown up territory," says series star Andrew Lincoln in the preview featurette. "We're jumping off the cliff in this back eight." In particular, Rick will respond to the loss of their prison home by becoming a sterner figure to Carl, who clearly carries a bit of resentment for his father's failure, and the loss of dear Hershel in midseason finale "Too Far Gone."

It remains to be seen when we’ll catch up with the other survivors, though we at least know of a trio of new faces will cross paths with one of the divided groups. The Governor certainly won’t be back (or will he?), meaning the survivors will likely encounter some new dangers out on the open road, as well. We also saw the first photo of the latter eight episodes, featuring Carl ignoring the warning of the season 4B poster by looking back instead of at the walkers ahead!

Preview the latest from 'The Walking Dead' season 4 in the exciting new behind-the-scenes sneak peek above, and tell us in the comments what you hope to see from our bloody favorite AMC drama!

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