Travis Sims is a professional cliff diver, and a professional diver is the only person that should ever be diving off cliffs in Colorado's backcountry.

If you have been to Casa Bonita in Denver you have seen the corny high dive act they do daily. Guess it's not so corny after all. Travis actually got his start doing the daily "high" dive act at the popular Mexican restaurant. Now he does it professionally.

In this video, Travis doesn't tell us exactly where he is in Colorado - perhaps an effort to discourage the average pool-jumper from finding the dive and taking a highly dangerous risk. Travis goes for the most obscure and rugged locations to find another thrilling dive.

I love watching the dives off cliffs into tiny pools of water. I watch it and imagine what it would feel like to be soaring through the air, rocks flying past my head as I speed toward the water below. But, the fact is, you couldn't pay me a million dollars to do that jump feet first, let alone going in with a head-first dive. I'm definitely leaving that to the professionals like Travis.

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