So, I've only lived in Grand Junction for a few months, and have only been skateboarding for about the same amount of time, but I've learned some things about skateboarding around town.

1. Thou Shalt Avoid the Ditch

I was cruising down 29 Road the other day and noticed something, there are some SERIOUS cracks in the sidewalk on either side of the ditch. Avoid these to ensure not wiping out, and not falling in said ditch.

2. Thou Shalt Wear a Hat

On the same trip, around 7 pm, I quickly regretted not wearing a hat to cover up my ears. Traveling at high speeds in even the slightest bit of a cool day can make your ears cold.

3. Thou Shalt Cross at Lights

If you're skating anywhere near any big roads, Patterson or North, for example, make sure to find a stoplight if you need to cross. You'll either be waiting for a long time or putting yourself and others in danger.

4. Thou Shalt Prepare for Hills

This is another one I had to learn the hard way: there are quite a few hills in our fair city. Plus, if you're inexperienced like me, even the slightest change in grade can be scary.

5. Thou Shalt Practice Cardio

On the flipside of Commandment Four, going up a hill can be a lot of work! I found myself dismounting and walking up a few hills after the heavy breathing and sweating ensued.

6. Thou Shant Skate With Dogs in Certain Neighborhoods

Here's another one I experienced firsthand. If you're skating with a dog that likes to be friendly with other dogs, scope out the neighborhood first. One quick pull from a dog can cause a wipeout in a second.

7. Thou Shalt Have a Sturdy Phone Case

It's probably best to bring a phone with you skating in case of an emergency, but make sure you have a case on it. One wipeout can cause serious damage to your screen.

8. Thou Shalt Walk the Area First

This is another big one to avoid wiping out. Scope out your route, look for gnarly cracks in the road, and places with excess gravel as well.

9. Thou Shant Skate at Night

Unless you're skating in an area with little to no traffic, riding at night can be very dangerous.

10. Thou Shalt Be Careful Around Pedestrians

I frequently encounter a lot of people while skating around town; people walking, riding their bikes, in wheelchairs, or even skating as well. Like areas with a lot of traffic, be extra careful when skating in areas with a lot of pedestrians.

Now, keep in mind, I am fairly new to skateboarding, as well as the area, but these commandments can potentially save you a lot of grief.

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