If the Mesa County Sheriff's Office calls and tells you to 'pay up' or be arrested, be assured that call is NOT coming from the Sheriff's Office.

A person claiming to be from the Sheriff's Office, even identifying himself as Sergeant Matthew Lewis Jr, has been making calls telling people there is a warrant out for their arrest.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, intended victims are given several details including case or citation numbers, judges names, and courtrooms in an attempt to convince them the call is real.

The scammer then goes on to tell them what to do if they get a Green Dot prepaid cash card for $2,000. Once the card is obtained the victim is instructed to call 970-433-4196 extension 3 and give the person on the other end the number on the card.

The current scam involving the Mesa County Sheriff's Office is on the heels of a similar scam where the scammer claimed to be a deputy and demanded payment of a loan or an arrest would follow.

It is not the policy of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office to contact anyone by phone and ask for money. It is also not the department's policy to make a phone call to any person with an active warrant for their arrest. Those contacts are always made in person.

If you are contacted by this scammer or by anyone you are unsure about, do not acknowledge or give them any information. If the call is allegedly from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, you can contact them at 970-244-3500.


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