There is a new, and peculiar project that will be out this Friday (September 7) that has captured our attention. Peculiar, because their voices sound so familiar, yet we hadn't hear of The Stryker Brothers until last week.

The Stryker Brothers will release Burn Band this Friday, but who are they? The band is comprised of two brothers, Coal and Flynt. According to their backstory -- reinforced by Bruce Robison, Lloyd Maines, Shooter Jennings, and former astronaut Charlie Duke -- the brothers were early legends in country music.

However they perished in a prison fire on September 7th, 1974 -- before their talents were fully realized. Although their aptitude for reckless behavior had already been firmly established. Read more about the enigma that is The Stryker Brothers at Saving Country Music.


Surely we'll understand better what is happening come Friday. Surely. For now we're just going to enjoy their first single in over 40 years, "Charlie Duke Took Country Music to the Moon."


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