One of the most popular beer companies in the world was born in Colorado and still calls the Centennial State home, and that of course, is Coors beer.

Coors was started by its namesake, Adolf Coors, and for decades the main attraction to Golden, Colorado has been the Coors brewery. The brewery not only produces some of the nation's most famous beers but also offers extremely popular tours that attract the majority of tourists to the town.

However, there is quite a dark past attached to the Coors name as the grandson of the man that started the brewing company was unfortunately kidnapped and murdered by his kidnapper in a failed attempt to keep him around for a ransom.

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Adolf Coors III was taken hostage by a man that went by two different names - Joseph Corbett and Walter Osbourne and was unsuccessfully held by the man to retrieve a ransom which led to the beer heir's untimely death.

Here's the story of Adolf Coors III:

Explore Case of Coors Heir Killed in Colorado

Adolph Coors III, an heir to the popular Coors beer fortune was kidnapped and killed.

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