The NFL Draft starts today and Bronco fans everywhere are asking one question: Who do we take?

Many so-called experts would have them taking a quarterback with the 5th overall pick, while others are thinking defense. I look at it this way. If you want to have success in the NFL it all starts up front. On the line. Which is why my first selection, were I John Elway, would be to draft Quentin Nelson from Notre Dame. The 6'5 330 pound guard has been described as a mauler. The team has stated it wants to get back to what gave them the most success and that's running the football. With the offensive line they had last year, they has some success, but not to the level they would like to be, and that's where Nelson comes in.

Other players that have been associated with the team and its draft plans are Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma, Saquon Barkley from Penn State and Bradley Chubb, an outside rusher from South Carolina. And, while all of those players are top notch athletes, they don't fit the need the team has in terms of the line. Other names associated with the top of the draft include Sam Darnold of USC, Josh Allen of Wyoming and Josh Rosen from UCLA. So now that the "experts" have spoken, let's hear from the true experts. You, the fan.

Who is your choice for the Bronco's top pick?

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