Who remembers the mysterious and haunting story of Snippy the Horse? The year was 1967 in the Colorado San Luis Valley. Some say aliens.

It has been referred to as the very first alien 'cattle' abduction and mutilation.

September 9, 1967, Snippy, a horse, was finally found after missing for three days. However, what was found could not be explained.

The mare, originally known as "Lady," was discovered dead in a pasture. Her head and neck had been skinned with what has been called "skillful and extreme precision." There was no trace of her brain, heart, thyroid or any of her internal organs. There was also a report that the remains had a definite odd smell.

What's shocking, there was not one drop of blood or one single type of track around her. The only thing that was found was Snippy's hoof prints, but strangely those tracks ended about 100 feet from where she had been discovered.

Many believed then and still do that Snippy was abducted by aliens. There were a variety of UFO sightings in that area over the previous few days. The most notable of those was a Superior Court judge and his wife.

Others of course simply chalked it up to an illness and Mother Nature.

Thanks to Ray Hubbard who posted this story on KEKB's Facebook page where we were talking about the Colorado UFO hot spot town of Hooper. The Centennial State sure seems to be a very fertile area for all things aliens and UFOs.

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