This is amazing every fall the Monarch Butterfly migrates to Mexico and California making stops along the way to feed. When you see thousands of these butterflies it looks like leaves falling from the trees. They are so beautiful and so colorful have your camera ready just in case you come across these beautiful butterflies.

Monarch Butterflies cannot stand the cold winter months that is why they to be in a warmer climate and where there is food for them to eat. Apparently it takes about two months to get to Mexico they fly thousands of miles to get to Mexico. These Monarch Butterflies sometimes travel from Canada to Mexico and these little butterflies only way about 1oz. No one really knows how these butterflies are able to fly 2000 miles.

Hopefully, these Monarch Butterflies can multiply as they have been losing their numbers. Plan Milkweed that will help. Plant some Milkweed in your yard.

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