Fourth of July barbecues aren't always what they're cracked up to be.

College Humor is celebrating Independence Day with this "Honest 4th of July BBQ" video, in which it exposes what we're really thinking when we convene with our buddies for a day of grilling, drilling and sparkling conversation.

Everyone loves the idea of a barbecue, but the reality is often as much of a letdown as having to go back to work on July 5. From the arguing couple to the guy who has no idea how to properly man the grill, a barbecue on the Fourth of July is loaded with all sorts of problems that are masked by the tasty, if not odd, collection of beer brought to the big event.

So, while a barbecue is often a high point of Fourth of July festivities, just remember that it's a looong time until you get to the fireworks.

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