As far as snowstorms go, very few places have a thing on Colorado.

This week saw one of the nastiest snow storms in recent memory. Not just because of the snow, but the ridiculous winds that went along with it. But where does it rank among the all-time snowstorms in Colorado?

5 - March 2003

The snow kept falling and falling and, over the course of three days nearly 32 inches fell. Even more snow fell along the foothills and into the mountains. Cross country skis and snow tunnels were everywhere.

4 - Christmas eve, 1982

The snow started falling on Christmas Eve and continued into Christmas day, with a total accumulation of 23 inches. Add in the wind that wouldn't quit and you had people stuck inside their homes. Those who wait until the last minute to go Christmas shopping were shut out.

3 - October 1997

D.I.A. was brand new and to welcome it, the snowstorm stranded over 4,000 passengers. 22 inches of snow will do that. Vehicles stuck everywhere and some plows even fell over.

2 - November 1946

Just after World War II the snow began falling in Denver and would not stop for three days. After all was said and done there was 31 inches of it on the ground and the city came to a standstill.

1 - December 1913

The all-time leader in Colorado saw 46 inches of snowfall. Weather forecasting still was a relative unknown, so these folks had little to no idea this was even coming. Imagine your surprise when you wake up and there's almost four feet of snow. And as there were no snow plows like we have today, they had to remove the snow by horse-drawn cart.

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