It's true! The first drafts of the Deceleration of Independence were on HEMP! Find out if what you know about the 4th of July is a FACT or a MYTH here! Who knows you might learn something.

Did you know:

  • 26% of Americans don't know who we declared independence from..
  • We actually declared independence from Great Britain on the 2nd of July 1776 NOT the 4th.
  • And it was NOT even signed on the 4th of July! It was actually signed by 56 different people over a six month period. Most of them on August 2nd.
  • In 2010 American spent more than $37 MILLION on fireworks!
  • They would ring the Liberty Bell to summon people to Independence Hall for readings of the Declaration
  • Last year there were over 11K firework related injuries
  • Besty Ross did NOT design the American flag it was Frances, Hopkinson.

Here's some MORE great facts and dispel the myths!

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