Colorado features many ghost towns that have died through the years, but here is one that, while it withered away long ago, it just won't die.

Nevadaville was a very important mining town started in 1859 in Gilpin County, just south of Central City. In the 1860s and 1870s, it was also known as Nevada City.

The town grew to over 1,000 residents by 1880 but had dwindled to fewer than 400 by 1910. In 1950, only 6 residents remained. As gold in the mines dwindled, so did the town.

What is remarkable about Nevadaville is the Masonic Temple, built in 1861 following a large fire that destroyed more than 50 buildings.  The entire lodge cost was $7,140. The ground floor was available for rental shops while the top floor housed the lodge room.  The Nevadaville Masonic Lodge is still used today by members who continue to restore the building.

There are a number of buildings that remain in Nevadaville, and some nearby neighbors. You can drive through the town and see all that remains - and you might even catch some masons at the historic lodge.

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