I remember growing up as a kid how much I loved cantaloupes, every summer that was a staple in our family. Little did I know the most delicious is grown right here in Colorado.

We have so many delicious foods grown right here in Colorado, we have corn, peaches, and world famous cantaloupes from Knapp Farm Market in Rocky Ford Colorado.

I love cantaloupes and they are so good for you too. Sweet and juicy picked right out of the fields waiting to be eaten. People from around the world come and wait as early as 6 a.m. to get a taste of these sweet cantaloupes.

It is harvest time so why not head out to Knapp Farm's and have a fresh juicy cantaloupe. These Cantaloupes look huge they are set to pick about a half a million melons. The dry hot temperatures make them exceptionally sweet.

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