On May 22, 2008, a tornado ripped through Windsor, Colorado causing over 200 million dollars in damage.

Since then, Windsor has thrived, growing and rebuilding, but as with anything of this nature, the scars on the land and the memories the people who were there have, continue to remind people of what occurred that day.

As you might expect on a late May morning, it was a bright, sunny day early on. But as noon approached, the skies darkened and the wind began to pick up. Then the hail started dropping and the funnel cloud, over a mile wide, made its way to land. And destruction.

The hail, some of it larger than your hand fell at an alarming rate, causing quite a bit of damage itself.

The tornado, known as a wedge tornado, was actually seven tornadoes surrounding each other, causing more damage and much more hail.

One person lost their life as a result of the F3 categorized tornado. Homes and businesses were destroyed and the resulting mess took weeks to clean up.

But after 10 years, Windsor, Colorado has rebuilt and grown. But those who were present on May 22, 2008, won't ever forget it.

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