I posted a Facebook question asking what words only Coloradans know how to pronounce, here are the results.

1. Poudre

If you've spent time in Northern Colorado, chances are you've heard the word Poudre, and locals will be able to spot a tourist immediately if they pronounce it any other way than POO-der. Hehe.

2. Ouray

Western Coloradans know how to pronounce the name of this town, located just outside of Telluride as you-RAY.

3. Buena Vista

This one is hotly debated. While the correct way to pronounce it in Spanish is BWEN-uh VIS-ta, many Coloradans pronounce the first word as BYOON-uh.

4. Uncompahgre

This name has a river, a peak, and a national forest attached to it, and the correct way to pronounce it is un-come-POG-ray.

5. Olathe

No, it doesn't rhyme with "lathe," and if you've ever had their amazing sweet corn you know that the correct way to pronounce it is oh-LAY-thuh.

6. De Beque

Located in Western Colorado just east of the Grand Valley, every local knows that the correct way to pronounce this town is duh-BECK.

7. Saguache

Ok, this is definitely a tricky one. A Native American word meaning "blue earth," Saguache is pronounced suh-WATCH.

8. Chipeta

Here in Grand Junction, we have a street and an elementary school carrying this name, and funny enough, when I was delivering December's teacher of the month prizes to the school, even Siri got it wrong. The correct pronunciation is chi-PEE-duh.

9. Colorado

Here in Colorado, you can easily spot a tourist or transplant if they pronounce the name of the state wrong. Around here, we say coh-luh-RAD-oh. And it is rad, indeed.

10. Mountain

I put this one in just for fun. All my life as a Colorado native I was sure that Coloradans didn't have accents until someone from out of state mentioned to me that we say words like "mountain" and "fountain" lazily. They say MOUN-tin, we say MOUN-n. Think about it.

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